Today’s Economic Realities – What Signs Will Tell Us the Economy is Rebounding? (Technorati) Technorati | (Del.icio.us) Del.icio.us | (Digg) Digg | (Blinklist) Blinklist | (Comment) Comment

We’re all well aware of the current economic situation. These days it seems that you can’t pick up a newspaper, watch the news on television, or even have a conversation with a friend without this topic being brought to your attention.

It seems that the current economic realities are top-of-mind for many of us, and we’re all extra aware of our finances, investments and work situation. History has shown us that the normal economic cycle includes times of recession in between prosperous times. With everyone feeling the pinch of the current economy, it’s only natural to hope for the onset of an economic recovery as soon as possible. But how will we know when it’s on its way?

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