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We’re all well aware of the current economic situation. These days it seems that you can’t pick up a newspaper, watch the news on television, or even have a conversation with a friend without this topic being brought to your attention.

It seems that the current economic realities are top-of-mind for many of us, and we’re all extra aware of our finances, investments and work situation. History has shown us that the normal economic cycle includes times of recession in between prosperous times. With everyone feeling the pinch of the current economy, it’s only natural to hope for the onset of an economic recovery as soon as possible. But how will we know when it’s on its way?

Just as there are many factors that went into the realization that we’re currently in a recession, there are many things we should consider when looking for an economic recovery. In other words, there is not likely to be one tell-tale sign that we’ve reached renewed economic prosperity. It is also likely that economic stability will happen gradually, for different individuals at different times, based on their unique investments, careers, and geographic locations.

Sure, there are signs we can all look to. Some examples include the overall health of the stock market and housing industry – the things we hear about every day on the news. There are also signs we’ll each be looking at in our personal lives, like whether you were laid off and now have a job, or whether you’re able to stop worrying about how to pay your bills again – the less far-reaching things that won’t make the evening news, but will have profound effects on your life.

So as we all anxiously hope for the end of this time of economic difficulty, what signs will tell us we’re getting closer to recovery? What things will you be looking at, both on a large and small scale? Perhaps if we look toward the future, we can find ways to achieve greater stability in our own financial lives, and one by one, improve everyone’s situation.

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Aug. 10, 2009

nice post thanks!!

Oct. 15, 2009

I don't think we can say the economy has truly turned around until we see jobs coming back.

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