22Dollars Credo

22Dollars was founded on the basis of three main principles: exchange of ideas, education, and enjoyment. The following paragraphs explain the intent of 22Dollars, and the basis of all content posted on our site.

Exchange of Ideas
22Dollars intends to capitalize on the Internet’s ability to foster connections. Connecting people, connecting ideas, connecting sound investment principles and connecting current events to our everyday lives. We hope that the recent introduction of Club22 will provide a forum for readers to gain insight into their questions and voice their opinions on today’s hot topics.

While we at 22Dollars cannot predict the future, our investment ideas are based on a combination of technical and fundamental analysis of stocks.

Our goal is to help educate our readers while in turn learning from the experiences they have to share. We strive to be the first place readers think of when they want to read about what is current in the market and need a sounding board for their ideas.

Finally 22Dollars is intended to be fun. While investing for the future is a serious topic, it is also important to take pleasure in the journey and pride in your own accomplishments.

We at 22Dollars feel a great responsibility to our readers to provide the most accurate, interesting and honest representation of today’s financial and social environments. We welcome your feedback in our constant effort to produce the best and most fresh content on the Internet and encourage you to participate!

22Dollars Credo