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How many of you don’t think you have enough money to start investing? Living paycheck to paycheck and keeping track of where every penny goes, you have enough trouble making ends meet from day to day, much less putting money away for a rainy day. Many of us that are just starting out, or perhaps starting over, might read this blog to get investment ideas for the future. Not seeing how investments can fit into our tight budgets in the present, we think all the advice we hear is for someone else, or for us to file away for “someday.”

While those of us that live on a shoestring budget are wise to be cautious, the truth is that we should not allow this caution to stunt our growth. Everyone has the potential to invest in their futures – we just may need to take different approaches.

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Four months after the 416 point bloodbath in the Dow, caused by a huge sell off in the China market, the market correction seems obliterated with the S&P 500 at its highest level since September 2000. Fueled by the stock market boom, and the reduction in capital gains from 35% to 15% in 2001, companies have been declaring handsome dividends, which swelled to a record $418.5 billion last year, up 57% from $266.5 billion 2005. Markets have discounted another rate cut, which does not seem to be imminent now.

Yet, the volatility continues, due to the absence of a significant driver for the bulls in the light of profit diminution, inflation concerns, and announcement of China's economic growth accelerating to 11.1% in the 1st quarter, leading to fears of an overheating economy.

Such dubiety prompts us to inquire, "What would the ideal strategy be going forward?"

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It is our pleasure to introduce all our readers to our newest writer, Chandni Kripalani.

Chandni brings extensive experience in the private equity space. She hails from a background of mutual fund advisory, investment advisory and private equity transaction research. She has worked with asset management companies the likes of DSP Merrill Lynch Fund Managers and as a wealth manager at Citibank where she provided investment advisory to high net worth clients on mutual funds and life insurance.

We are very happy and excited to have her on board and look forward to learning from her expertise and experience in the field.

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Hello again fellow 22Readers! We are happy to be back in the States after a much needed break. We spent the past week on a cruise around the Bahamas and had a great time.

Today we wanted to talk to you about one of the best investment tips ever given to us. A wise man, who wishes to remain anonymous, once said never listen to anyone’s investment “hot stock tip.” Many times on 22Dollars we present information and discuss, from a technical and fundamental standpoint, what it is that we see in a stock and why we think the timing might now be correct to profit with little risk. I stress that we are simply “presenting the data” as we see it for YOU to investigate more and make the decision.