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While listening to a celebrity being interviewed on the radio recently, I heard the quote:

The harder I work, the luckier I get.

I’ve heard this quote before, but it caused me to reflect about the true keys to success.

In starting this discussion, it’s important to first acknowledge that we all have different definitions of success. In other words, everything’s relative and one person’s version of success is likely different from the next. For the purpose of this discussion, let’s put that larger issue aside for now and each focus on what we think it will take for us to each attain success, individually, by our own standards in 2009.

With all the stories I’ve heard lately, both on the news at a national level, and in my daily conversations with friends, family and acquaintances, it seems that most focus on setbacks people are facing due to the economy. With companies large and small laying off people seemingly at random, it’s hard to put one’s finger on how to ensure success, much less financial stability.

Another quote that comes to mind, in the midst of this conversation is

Work smarter not harder.

While good to live by, do either of these quotes really provide the guidance we need in the current crisis our country is facing? As we progress through these difficult times, it will be interesting to see what pieces of advice and quotes stick with us to help us all through.

For now, I have to say that perhaps the most helpful piece of advice I’ve come across for surviving this current economic situation is:

If you’re going through Hell, keep on going.

as stated by Winston Churchill long ago. I’d love to hear what our readers think about this topic, and what advice you have for the good of the cause!

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Feb. 19, 2009

I would say...

Instead of looking in the direction of what we have lost...it would be a good idea to focus on what we are left with.

If we focus too long on the closed door, we might miss out on the "windows" of opportunity (pun intended) that might have opened up before us.

IMHO, be focussed, live in the moment, and most of all...try to be happy.

Jun. 12, 2009

I love your Work Smarter not harder. I think its important to note that you have to CONSISTENTLY work smarter every day.

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