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Summer is here (hooray!) and we can finally enjoy the warm weather, longer days and shorter work hours that accompany this time of year.

But while the snow has subsided to allow us a few months of much-needed sunshine, it’s important to consider the potential impact (for better or worse) this can have on your finances.

Potential financial struggles that could accompany the summer:

  • If you’re a seasonal employee you may not have a job in the summer, and therefore, may not have a major source of income.
  • If you do work full-time during the summer, but have school-age children, you may face additional costs associated with summer camps or daycare while they’re on summer break.
  • While nice warm weather means increased enjoyment at the beach, it can also mean higher costs associated with cooling your home.
  • If you have more time off over the summer, you may be more tempted to increase your spending, whether that’s through leisurely trips to the mall to pass the time or extravagant family vacations.
  • The costs associated with summer yard work or landscaping projects may significantly impact your bottom line.

Potential financial benefits brought by the summer season:

  • If you work fewer days per week in the summer, you will save money on gas as you will not need to drive to work every day.
  • No need to pay costly bills related to heating your home, which for some people provides a much-needed chance to put some extra money in the bank or other investments.
  • The longer days brought by summer may mean that you can rely on more natural forms of lighting your home than the need to begin “burning the midnight oil” at 4:30 p.m. as is often necessary in the winter months.
  • In many regions it seems that indoor gyms are one of the only options when it comes to working out in the winter, however the summer months provide many alternatives and may help you eliminate the need for expensive gym membership fees.
  • The amount of work necessary to properly maintain a yard during the summer months may enable you to pick up several odd jobs in your neighborhood if you’re looking for ways to earn additional money.

As we’ve said before on 22Dollars.com, constantly monitor your financial situation as matters constantly change. By planning ahead you’ll set yourself up for success and will ensure that you can enjoy the summer months while they last!

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Banjo Smyth
Jul. 9, 2008

NIce blog

Its Winter in Australia so i have a few months before i need to worry about this stuff :)

Thanks for the heads up

Cheers Banjo Smyth

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