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As science and technology continue to progress, many of the mysteries that have stumped humans for years are beginning to become unlocked. From smaller and faster computers to safer vehicles to a greater understanding of medicine, changes and new information are all around us. Humans are learning and doing more than ever before!

Typically medical research helps doctors better understand how to prevent and cure diseases, ranging from the common cold to cancer. As a result, you may be wondering why I’m even broaching this topic in this finance-focused forum. Well, believe it or not, recent genetic research may be able to help us better understand how we make our financial decisions.

A study recently released in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences states that peoples’ financial decisions are related in part to their genetic makeup. According to an article by Felicia Mello posted on The Boston Globe’s Web site, the study claims that parents may have more influence on their children through the genes they pass on to them, rather than through the values they impart on them. In fact, the study claims that about 40 percent of its participants’ responses were the result of their genetic makeup, adding more fuel to the nature vs. nurture fire we’ve discussed before on 22dollars.com.

I don’t think it’s wise to interpret this study in a way that makes you feel helpless if you’re unhappy with your financial situation. Nor should it enable you to make excuses, blaming your genes for times when you are not disciplined in your spending and saving. While this study may help us understand why we may have certain tendencies when it comes to money management, we must capitalize on this knowledge rather than fall victim to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Check out the full article and let us know what you think. Does your genetic make-up impact your money? Do your cells impact your savings?

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Oct. 16, 2007

My blog was about this today, too, but not as well-researched as yours. Great minds think alike, I guess!

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