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It's that time again. Time for 22Dollars to give away another financial book. This time we have decided on something more friendly and light hearted than Rich Dad, Poor Dad (author: Robert T. Kiyosaki) from last month. This time around the book we are giving away is titled Personal Finance For Dummies, 5th Edition (author: Eric Tyson).

Tyson has a solid writing style and makes for a surprisingly easy read. Financial concepts many would find complex are explained in straight forward terms and are easily comprehended. Perhaps the best financial principle this book teaches is how to recognize when people giving you advice have a conflict of interest. Unless you yourself are a financial professional, don't pay someone to handle your money or give you financial advice without first reading this book. They may not really have your best interests in mind.

The book differs from Rich Dad, Poor Dad in that the author shares his personal opinions and insights without giving an air of superiority. Not only did he explain various options and concepts; he shared his views on many of them. For instance, he repeatedly warned against cash value life insurance, load mutual funds, and taking advice from gurus who have a vested interest in your compliance with their "recommendations." He also had some helpful insights pertaining to insurance (and many other topics, for that matter).

You need only leave a comment (below) to be included in our raffle drawing (Tuesday, February 14, 2007) for the book and I encourage everyone interested to participate. 22Dollars will cover all the costs associated with getting the book to you - so don't worry, it's totally FREE and our way of saying thank you for your dedicated readership and passing along this great financial resource.

UPDATE - CONGRATULATIONS to Mike from Cleverdude for being the winner of our auction. If you get a chance, take a moment to check out his very cool finance blog as well. It is well worth the visit. Congrats Mike and thank you everyone else for playing along!

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Feb. 14, 2007

Count me in!

Clever Dude
Feb. 14, 2007

I always love a good dummies book. They're excellently written and very informative.

Scott Young
Feb. 15, 2007

Sounds like a great book!

Feb. 15, 2007

Count me in. I love your sites design by the way! Different is good!

Jon Markoff
Feb. 20, 2007

Pick me Pick me!

Joel Henderlong
May. 11, 2007

I plan on using this to help thousands. I also will refer as many people to your site as possible. I most likely will be helping support you as well.

Joel Henderlong
May. 11, 2007

By the way. I think what you guys are doing is awesome. You care enough about people to help the in there finances. that shows a lot of character. thanks

May. 12, 2007

Joel - Our whole team here at 22Dollars really appreciates you kind words. It means a lot to us to know that :-) Thanks again!
Kind regards -

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