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Today we are excited to announce that we will be looking for one additional blogger to write for 22Dollars. We (Katherine and Chad) are looking for an individual that is financially savvy with solid writing skills. 22Dollars is all about quality (not quantity) of posts and thus we will only require one article a week from the writer (with the option to write more if you choose). The articles to be written should be about general financial advice and general market overviews. We are not looking for the next Jim Cramer, but will not limit you from writing from writing about specific sectors and opportunities you like. In other words, we don't need someone to post every day about three or four stocks that went up or have momentum. Infact, we don't need you to post about specific stocks at all. The position will pay a few dollars per post. If you are interested and think you have what it takes please take a moment to contact us via our contact form. We appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,
Katherine & Chad

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Peter Nwanne
Mar. 3, 2007

Teach me and take me through procedure on how to make wealth rather create wealth out of nothin .How can someone be a finacial giant even in the midst of bleak market and business.How can one breakthrough the uneven market structure of lower income earners like us .

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