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Granted my donations might not be on the same level as Mr. Buffett’s, but nonetheless I take a sense of pride in giving back to charities that touch close to home and that I support deeply. The majority of my donations come in the form of participating in golf tournaments, private donations and the United Way Foundation. This year I will play in several golf tournaments that give back to the community and local charities. I also donate a portion of every paycheck to the United Way to help out on a more global scale. Two of the golf tournaments that I will be participating in this year include the Joseph D. Helmuth Foundation Tournament (Philadelphia, PA) and the Tim Milgate Charity Tournament (Rochester, NY).

Joseph D. Helmuth Foundation Tournament The primary goal of the foundation is to help preserve the memory of lost community members by establishing legacy scholarships in their names at local high schools. Our organization is also committed to providing financial relief to suffering families as well as making donations to medical research, in particular, for those causes most germane to our Legacy members and their families.

Tim Milgate Charity Tournament This tournament is in celebration of Tim Milgate’s Memory. The primary focus of the event is to provide funds for the Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong. The proceeds from this event make a difference for children like Jacob Swanson, our 2006 inspiration.

I am sure by now, many of you have heard Warren Buffett’s announcement to donate the majority (85% or $37.4 billion) of his fortune to charity with the bulk of it going to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. My donation of $200+ at the Joseph D. Helmuth Foundation this year pales in comparison to Mr. Buffet’s generous donation of $37.4 billion (in fact it’s only .00000000534% as much - hahah), but we both get that same warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside when we go to sleep at night knowing that we have done our part and will continue to do our best to help out those who are less fortunate.

I’m not an enthusiast for dynastic wealth, particularly when 6 billion others have much poorer hands than we do in life - Warren Buffett
I think Warren will not only be known as the world’s greatest investor, but the world’s greatest investor for good - Bill Gates

To Mr. Buffett, Mr. Gates and everyone else who strive to make this world a better place through their generous charitable donations, I say thank you. It is because of people like you that those less fortunate find hope to carry on and the world as a whole is a better place. Thank you.

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Jul. 3, 2006

Considering the fact that giving to charities is a tax writeoff, I don't see why more people don't do it. If you're going to be giving a certain amount of your income away to the government anyway, might as well make it out to charity then.

Chad Lapa
Jul. 3, 2006

Ahmed, you make a great point! I couldn't agree more.

Jul. 8, 2006

Especially when you can play golf all day and still be helping out those less fortunate... Can't beat that deal!

Chad Lapa
Jul. 8, 2006

Oh yes Adam, Oh yes! There are many ways to donate money and if you can find a way to have fun in the process then all the more power to you. Plus it serves as a great incentive to actually give more if you are having a good time so it works out well for both parties.

Jul. 10, 2006

Steve Covey once said that effective people look for "win win" situations. Seems to me like golfing for charity is certainly a good example of this. Not only are you enjoying yourself and getting some fresh air, but you're also working for a good cause. Keep it up!

Chad Lapa
Jul. 10, 2006

Golf in general is a "win win" situation. Someone once said that "a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work". Let me know if you can think of any other "win win" situations. I can always use some of them :-)

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