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If you were thinking what I was thinking this morning when CNBC first announced the news of Kenneth Lay's death, the autopsy later today showed that the Enron founder did in fact die of heart disease. Ken was 64 years of age and passed this morning a broken man. His recent guilty conviction could have led to decades of prison time - essentially a life sentence for someone a year away from qualifying for Medicare. Lay told jurors during his trial that he had lived out the American dream along with the American nightmare. Today I had a chance to ask some of my friends a question that I couldn't answer myself. I asked them would they rather be in Ken Lay's shoes today or the Ken Lay's shoes of yesterday? Alive or living out the American nightmare? It's a sad story no matter how you look at it and my heart still goes out to all those people who saw their life saving go down the drain because of the greed of someone already worth over $200 million dollars. Let's hope this serves as a reminder to those in higher power that what goes around comes around eventually. If you are still confused, then please refer back to my last article about donating to charity and helping out those less fortunate, those not worth $200 million dollars and those trying to make ends meet to support their family and children.

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Peter George Alando
Feb. 1, 2007

Its unfortunate that this man died,God rest his soul in peace.
Howewver,more unfortunate is the fact that many innocent hardworking folks lost their daily bread out of someone else's greed.
The world should embrace some aspects of socialism (and I am not preaching socialism here!)such as fair treatment of others, or doing unto others what you would have them do to you.
Thank you.

Chad Lapa
Feb. 1, 2007

I agree Peter - good point. Lets hope many learned this lesson as to avoid it in the future.

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