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If this were a stock, I would surely own a lot of it. I still cannot believe this is real. It seems like this is the ultimate solution to the gas crisis and I look forward to seeing how this technology progresses over the next 20 years. Do you think that in the future, filling up our tanks of gas will consist of merely turning on the faucet to get the 4 ounces of water needed to travel 100 miles? Again I ask, can this be real?

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May. 12, 2006

This is great! There's still too much money in the oil industry to let Washington force automakers to seek these alternatives. One hand always washes the other... But it's great to see things like this starting to get publicized. To her point, I hope my water bill doesn't rise to $3.50 a gallon after everyone starts running on water!

May. 12, 2006

Hahaha - good point Adam. I laugh now as I sit here and watch the price of ethanol climb and climb. Alternative fuel - yes. Alternative price - maybe not.

Joe Dolan
May. 20, 2006

Hey Guys,

I have not had a chance to watch the video yet, but I just saw a documentary on this similar topic. The documentary said that fuel alternatives were inevitable and that the leading research is getting a majority of their funding from these "oil tycoons". They basically said that if this is the future, they want to be involved...


May. 21, 2006

I agree. Fuel alternatives are inevitable and it doesn't surprise me that the oil giants are the ones helping to fund it. The difference in the future is going to be the fact that (hopefully) the location of these alternative fuels will provide more opportunities for smaller companies to compete with the big guys. Also, these alternative fuels will hopefully be able to be harvested from all around the world and not primarily in the middle of some of the most unstable areas.

Mar. 8, 2010

I hate to burst your bubble, but this video is a totally fake. It was made to look like Fox news so people would respect it, but this never aired on television. We currently do not have the technology to use water for fuel. Maybe someday, but this video is a complete farce. It was designed to sell the "blueprints" to make one out of materials from the hardware store for $50. Bunch of people bought the design, it never worked.

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