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This week the markets held their gains as we descend into the extended weekend (markets closed Monday). Oil and energy stocks rebounded after sliding a bit in previous weeks. Oil now sits at $60 per barrel. This was not however the sector that I went digging for opportunities in. Who wants to dig for oil, when you can dig for gold and silver?

For a while now the Gold and Silver markets have been hot and after a recent pull back, I think that these two markets could be set for another nice up-tick and I am going to share with you my two favorite stocks of this industry.


The first company is Western Silver Company (WSZ). Western Silver is a mineral exploration company focused on discovering and developing silver properties in the Americas. The company has 100% control of one of the world's largest open pittable silver-gold-zinc-lead deposits at Penasquito, central Mexico, an area with excellent infrastructure and low political risk. An independent feasibility study has concluded that Penasquito has robust economics, significant expansion possibilities and upside, and should be developed immediately. Western Silver also has an interest in the world-class San Nicolas zinc-copper project in Mexico with Teck Cominco and owns the Carmacks Copper Project in the Yukon.


The second company is Goldcorp (GG). Goldcorp is the world’s lowest cost and fastest growing multimillion ounce gold producer with operations throughout the Americas and Australia. They recently reported very strong earning for the 2005 year. Gold sales in 2005 totaled 1,344,600 ounces compared to 427,600 ounces in 2004. Cash costs per ounce in 2005 were less than $25 compared to $115 in 2004.


Goldcorp has extremely strong fundamentals as demonstrated by its relative P/E ratio, company growth ratio, EPS rank, price rank and group rank. I look for this company along with the entire Gold & Silver sector to continue to their strong performance into 2006.

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Feb. 20, 2006

Chad - I read somewhere that GG was due for a correction and that it could hit 22 in the short term. I'm not sure if I believe this. Any thoughts?

Feb. 20, 2006

Chris, I would have to agree with you here. A slight pullback is probably needed, but I don't see it happening at this point in time, not with the MACD and Full STO pointing otherwise. On top of that, I just read a good article over at Bloomberg on gold. Look for this coming week to be promising for gold.

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