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Enough is enough! How much more can we be expected to pay in taxes? Think about all the money you pay in taxes each year; Property taxes, school taxes, sales taxes, social security taxes, medicare taxes, federal income taxes, state income taxes, government fees. Add them all up, it must come to 50% or greater of our total income. We are slaves, slaves to the government! How did this ever come to be, what went wrong with the system and where is all this money going?

Out of all the wasted money, the two biggest tax sponges are social welfare and Medicare. They are both running ramped in our society. This is especially true in states like New York, California, New Jersey and Louisiana. Coincidentally, the states that have the highest taxes are also the states that are run by the liberal democrats.

Welfare is the biggest destroyer of life; it poisons the mind and renders you useless to society, yourself, and your family. When the mindset of welfare or entitlement is entrenched into the mind, you might as well give up because you are rending yourself useless. This is especially true in African-American cities where a combination of poor family vales, along with the deterioration of the nuclear family has led to a generation of people who walk through life looking for hand out and a easy ride.

Look at New York where I live:

First, let me be upfront and say that I love New York; I am grateful for such a beautiful state. I love the people, I love the seasons, I love everything about, except the outrageous taxes! Specifically Monroe country where I live, we pay one of the highest property tax rates, income tax rates, and sales tax rates in the country! Thanks New York, and a special thanks to the liberal democrats who run the state assembly.

Secondly, New York’s Medicare system is the largest in the country. It’s as big as California, Florida, and Texas combined, and we have a fraction of those states total population. Currently in NY there are several investigations taking place regarding several kinds of Medicare fraud. In fact, some female dentist was caught filing claims for over 1,000 procedures a day that were never rendered! The main reason for the crazy Medicare costs is simple: the crazy costs associated with health care, which I will get into on another occasion because when I talk about taxes and you mix in health care, I’m sure my head will explode all over my office walls. Then when President Bush passed his prescription drug plan it infuriated me. We put you in office Mr. President because we thought you were a conservative and your spending money like our ship is sinking. This prescription drug plan is going to increase Medicare spending hand over fist, and personally I think it’s ridiculous.

When is it going to end?

Who knows!? I will say this though, one day, maybe 20 years from now, or my kid’s generation, people are really going to stand up and say, enough is enough! We can’t afford anymore! Simply put, government and state spending is growing at an out of control rate. We, as taxpayers, can’t continue to take on this burden. I just want to live free on this great country, and not become a tax slave to the government.

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