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For those of you who are unfamiliar with Corning Glass Works (GLW):

Corning Incorporated is a diversified technology company with a proud history of developing breakthrough technologies that significantly improve people’s lives. We have been changing the world through innovation for more than 150 years, integrating scientific discovery with market need. We focus on high-impact growth opportunities in the telecommunications, flat panel display, environmental, life sciences and semiconductor industries.

Today was very important to GLW and it could make you a lot of money.

Update: Look for GLW to continue its run early into this week. You may see some resistance around the 26 dollar mark. Pay close attentiont to the Full STO % and the MACD for the optimal time to take your nice gains here.

Today I went ahead and bought GLW early this morning soon after it was brought to my attention that it had broken out of its near perfect base and the bulls were clear to come rushing in. As predicted, GLW then kicked into bull mode and shot up nicely.

Three things can happen once a company established a base as defined as the one that GLW established:

1.) The stock breaks through the upper ceiling thus giving way to the next bull push.
2.) The stock breaks through the lower floor thus giving way to the next bear push.
3.) The stock holds that base price until one of the above two eventually do occur.

Well kids - today is that day. The stock broke through its upper ceiling and it wasn't long after that as you can see that the bulls came rushing in.

You can expect this bull mode to continue until a new higher base is established now. I got into GLW early this morning at markets open after it broke the ceiling and have already seen nice gains. It is not too late for you too follow.

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