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From all of us here at the Lapa family - we wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday season. Now is a good time to trade out those losers and under-performers of the year (like General Motors (GM) if you own it) and get ready for the New Year. A new year that will consist of a new economic chairman, Ben Bernake, to replace the legendary Greenspan. Bernake is well-qualified candidate with a more flexible attitude when it comes to controlling inflation rates. I would expect the markets to grow at a quicker pace for the duration of his term in office as oppose to the Greenspan era.

My prediction is a slight market correction and transition period where you could see a bit of a sell off followed by a strong mid to year-end rally starting in April or May and holding till the end of '06. The highlights of 2005 of course were the housing and oil markets with the most popular "stock of the year" going to Google (GOOG). I am anxious to see what 2006 holds in store for us.

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