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Over the past couple days the team at 22Dollars.com has been very busy working and we apologize for the lack of recent posts. What have we been working on you ask? Well not financial analysis, but rather a total site-wide face-lift. Here are just some of the changes you can look forward to:

1.) Total site optimization with respect to coding, images, scripts and all other files to improve download times by over 400%!

2.) Transfer of the site over to the secure and extra speedy hosting of Media Temple's new (gs) Grid-Server platform.

3.) New tabbed browsing for navigation.

4.) Cleaner fonts for easier reading onscreen (I was a usability/human-computer interaction major in college so this kind of stuff is important to me!)

5.) The addition of 3 new pages: Contact, Credo and Club22...

6.) A new design that reflects the color you might think of when talking about making money... care to take a guess?

All in all, we are extremely excited and pleased with the how the transition is going thus far. We hope to launch the new site within the next month depending on several factors still up in the air. We hope that everyone will enjoy the new site and we look forward to hearing your feedback on it pending the official launch. Take care.

Tenaris (NYSE: TS) Descending Triangle Inside a Symmetrical Triangle. What does this mean? (Technorati) Technorati | (Del.icio.us) Del.icio.us | (Digg) Digg | (Blinklist) Blinklist | (Comment) Comment

Tenaris S.A. (NYSE:TS) is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of tubular products and services used in the drilling, completion and production of oil and gas and a leading supplier of tubular products and services used in process and power plants and in specialized industrial and automotive applications.

Tenaris, scheduled to report its third quarter results early next month, announced solid second-quarter numbers in August. Earnings per ADS reached 80 cents, beating the consensus by about 2.6%. Net sales advanced by 12% to $1.96 billion. In addition, Tenaris announced in June a plan to acquire Maverick Tube Corporation in a deal valued at $3.19 billion. Due to this upward momentum from analysts, Tenaris is a Zacks #1 (Strong Buy) Rank stock.

So why am I so cautious about this stock?

RealNetwork Inc. (RNWK) – Technical Upgrades vs. Institutional Downgrades – Winner Takes All (Technorati) Technorati | (Del.icio.us) Del.icio.us | (Digg) Digg | (Blinklist) Blinklist | (Comment) Comment

So what happens when you get a big conflict of interest between a large financial institution like DA Davidson and a clear technical breakout from an ascending triangle? This was exactly the issue that I ran into on Friday with RealNetwork Inc. (RNWK). RNWK was downgraded by DA Davidson from Buy to Neutral at the same time that it tried to breakout from a nice 7-month ascending triangle base. The result was huge volume and an intra-day struggle between DA Davidson followers and technical traders.

DOW (Index of 30 Blue Chip Stocks) Sets Record High for 2nd Consecutive Day. Bulls in Control. (Technorati) Technorati | (Del.icio.us) Del.icio.us | (Digg) Digg | (Blinklist) Blinklist | (Comment) Comment

Congratulations to all the bulls out there as the market barreled forward to another record high. For the second day in a row the DOW (index of 30 blue chip stocks) closed in the green and for the second day in a row the DOW set a new a record high that has stood since January 14, 2004. The DOW soared 123 points to 11,851 while the NASDAQ ended up 47. The two big catalysts for the current market momentum is the ever-shrinking cost of oil (and thus greater potential for big business to post satisfactory earnings numbers) and optimism that the Federal Reserve will lower interest rates in the coming months/years. This all in spite of many feeling that the economy is cooling down.

On the flip side, today's investors are smarter. Let me re-phrase that, today's investors are more cautious than they were nearly 7 years ago. Gone are the days where you could blindly throw your money into any .com or high-tech company and watch your money double and triple in a matter of weeks. The change in investor attitude is the reason why it has taken the Dow so long to come back and I feel that a steady, cautious growth like we have experienced is much more healthy to the economy and I look forward to what 2008 will bring. Congrats to the bulls again.