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At this time of economic uncertainty, probably the last thing many of us want to think about is the approach of the season when we tend to spend more money than any other time of year. With the way the unemployment rate, stock market and other sources of income and investment have been headed, many of us are struggling to make ends meet with our regular expenses, without adding in all the special extras that accompany the holiday season.

Between travel expenditures to see family, gifts for loved ones, large family dinners and elaborate decorations, the additional expenditures we’ll encounter over the next few weeks are enough to throw our budgets out of control. But who wants to think about monetary difficulties at this festive time of year? With the stress so many Americans are facing, the holiday season may be just what we need to restore spirits and rejuvenate ourselves for the approaching new year. So how do we find a balance?

The holidays should be a time of joy, not a source of stress, and this ideal is still realistic during this year of economic difficulty – we just have to be a little more strategic and disciplined than usual. As we always say here on 22Dollars.com, no plan is a plan to fail, and perhaps that is more true now than ever.

Here are a few tips to help our bank accounts survive the holiday season:

  • Create a holiday budget and stick to it – if you know that you have carefully budgeted for holiday festivities, you’ll be less likely to do financial damage and can enjoy the season with confidence.

  • Take advantage of holiday sales and go online to compare prices between stores.

  • Re-use decorations from previous years, or buy decorations that can be used time and time again – not only is this good for your wallet, but it’s good for the environment too!

  • Plan your shopping strategy before heading to the mall – by deciding what you want to get each person on your list ahead of time, you’ll be less likely to succumb to impulse buys.

  • Save gas money by carpooling with friends to go shopping and not making unnecessary trips – if you shop with a fiscally responsible friend, they can also help you stick to your budget this season.

While this may be an uncertain time, we need to make the best of it and celebrate our accomplishments from the last year. By being strategic and finding a balance, you can still enjoy the holidays with your loved ones without taking on additional financial strife.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at 22Dollars.com!

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Learn the Stock Market
Dec. 13, 2008

It's a very odd time right now, I was listening on the radio where parents were concerned they had to buy presents they couldn't afford for their kids because they wanted to shield them from the hard times. How are kids supposed to learn by example from their parents when they don't see the truth? I hope a few of them follow your tips!

Your site has some great insights, if you'd be interested in trading links send me an email.


Carol @ Ca Loan
Dec. 22, 2008

Unfortunately in our family we tend to be getting our financial house in order just when Christmas comes along and then, "schbleck" - another few thousands dollars down the toilet. Not a nice way to look at Christmas I know, but it is frustrating.

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