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With all the news about the current state of the economy, many people are going into “survival mode,” reducing their spending to make their money last longer. It seems that most of us are carefully watching every penny, due to the unpredictability of the current economic situation.

While it’s always important to keep a close watch on your finances, it’s also important to keep morale high by not cutting all the fun out of our budgets. With Halloween upon us, it’s a good time to think about ways we can maintain our traditions, without breaking the bank and blowing all of our hard earned money.

Here are a few tips to enjoy the season on a budget:

1.) Make your own costume. Instead of running the risk of wearing the same costume every one else is buying at the store, give yourself total creative freedom to create an original, one-of-a-kind costume. Not only will you have a unique look for Halloween parties and trick-or-treating, but you’ll also save money by finding creative ways to use the items you already have at home.

2.) Instead of buying separate Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations, outfit your home with seasonal decorations that can last throughout Autumn.

3.) Learn how to make your favorite autumn foods. Rather than buying the delicious pumpkin pie you see in the grocery store, learn how to make it yourself. In this way you’ll not only take an active role in enjoying the season, but you’ll also provide yourself with an inexpensive form of entertainment, and save money in the process!

4.) Shop at farmer’s markets. At this time of year, many farms open their doors to consumers, allowing you to buy the most fresh produce at lower prices than you find at the grocery store. For example, going apple picking in an orchard will provide an afternoon of fun and good exercise, but it will also give you the chance to select your favorite types of apples at a lower cost.

5.) Start budgeting for the months to come now! Halloween leads us right into November and December – two months when we tend to spend more on entertaining and gifts than we do throughout the rest of the year. If you begin your planning and shopping early, you’ll be in a better position to manage your finances throughout the upcoming holiday season.

Holidays and special occasions are meant to be fun, despite the fact that they often bring financial burdens above and beyond day-to-day survival. By thinking creatively and planning ahead, you can certainly make this Halloween as fun and memorable for yourself and your family, without adding to your financial concerns.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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Redundant Stocks
Nov. 3, 2008

Nice Tips for Halloween's Saving

Nov. 3, 2008

Thanks for your kind words! I hope everyone found the tips helpful for their Halloween and Autumn celebrations. And as always -- any additional tips our readers can add are appreciated!

David Parizek Jr
Feb. 20, 2009

Just a quick thank you, I am getting a lot from your blog in helping me overcome a lifetime of living paycheck to paycheck.

- David Parizek

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