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Today the markets took a big hit due to credit market concerns. Worries about the subprime mortgage problems and increasingly difficult environment for corporate borrowing has sent the DOW tumbling over 400 points this afternoon. While many of our readers may look at today as a waste, others see it as an opportunity to get back into stocks they missed earlier this year. One such example is Ericsson Telephone Co (NASDAQ: ERIC). ERIC is a member of the Communications Services ($COMSRV) sector that has seen a good steady flow of institutional money over the last several months. Today it hits what we like to call it's "injection point" or level of critical support. A breach of these levels would send the stock tumbling and break and the long term up trend it has endured since the beginning of 2006.

Ericsson is a company that focuses on Mobile and Broadband Internet communications in more than 140 countries. Here are some important fundamental numbers to consider:

Volume Ratio 5/30 Day: 167.6
P/E Ratio: 14.6
P/E Relative Ratio: 0.0
Proj EPS 1M Chg CFY: 0.0
EPS Growth 5 Yr: N/A
Company Growth Ratio: 0.8
Acc. Dist Current: 70.6
Cash Flow Growth 5 Yr: 43.9
Debt/Equity Ratio: 0.2
Insider Trading: 0.0
EPS Rank: 60.0
Price Rank: 41
Group Rank: 70
F/E Score: 2.75
Estimates: 2.25
Financials: 3.25
Price Pattern: 4.00
Volatility: 0.25

Today has been tough for many and I am sure some of us got stopped out of stocks we really liked. What is important to remember is that volatility is a welcome (and necessary) doormat to opportunity. A wise man once told me to embrace days like this and not to be scared of them, for today is a day of opportunity. We are not "watchers", we are traders who actively manage our money by constantly keeping an eye out for opportunity. Today's offers many opportunities and ERIC is just one example that I like. I also continue to like Eastman Kodak (EK) as it too approaches critical support. Best of luck!

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Laura Lui
Jul. 30, 2007

Some may said people are over react to the subprime morgatage issue,some may siad it's already at stage 3 of bullish period...
anyway,people has to be discreet.

Jul. 30, 2007

Good point Laura. I agree. It shouldn't be long now before ERIC turns north again. The support here is strong and I would be surprised if it didn't hold.

Jul. 30, 2007

Thank you for the insightful post and the heads-up on this opportunity. Great volume today - I see more to come!

Floyd Upperman
Sep. 14, 2007

I have been watching ERIC also, it looks like good things are coming.

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