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As an entrepreneur myself (BlueEye Design Co.), I am always interested in hearing other success stories and business venture ideas that have been made into reality. The team at 22Dollars recently returned from a week long trip to Nassau, Paradise Island in the Bahamas. We wanted to take a moment to talk about our experience and the grand opening of The Cove Atlantis - the newest branch of the Atlantis megaplex resort that caters to the ultra wealthy. After all, what is the point of investing if you can not have fun with the money you make right? So this was our chance to get away from the north country and see the once in a lifetime event.

For those of you not familiar with the Atlantis resort, it is a legendary and lavish property on Paradise Island, near Nassau in the Bahamas and just a hop from Florida. The property dominates the island’s real estate and is a major contributor to the island’s economy, employing some 6,000 residents. Sol Kerzner (Kerzner International Chairman) built the celebrity magnet that boasts a Royal Tower bridge suite that will run you a cool $25,000 a night. Even if you do have the cash however, you will have to wait till the year 2011 when the next free available week for the suite is open.

While staying at the Atlantis, we were lucky to catch the grand “official” opening of The Cove Atlantis. It is a 600 suite tower located directly on the ocean and situated between two beaches. We had a chance to meet Whitney Houston and relax near the lazy river (30 feet from Celine Dion) for the dazzling fireworks display that covered the entire Cove Atlantis resort. Below is a video of the fireworks display that is second to none from anything we have ever seen before.

Other popular celebrities staying at our hotel that night included Janet Jackson, Michel Jordon, Steven Tyler, Chelsea Tyler, Liv Tyler, Usher, Tameka Foster, Kanye West, Trump, Sean Connery, Denzel Washington and many more.

I always believed that we would develop Atlantis into a much bigger resort than it was [in the beginning] and indeed, we today with the opening at the end of the year of the Atlantis Residences Condo Hotel have approximately 4,000 rooms on offer, so it has been by any standard hugely successful. Kerzner International Chairman Sol Kerzner

The Cove’s exterior has the familiar, scalloplike decorations from the original resort, but inside it emphasizes design more than its sister properties, where the arcade-style spaces are filled with boutiques and restaurants. The suites overlooking the ocean range from $735 a night to $15,000 for the penthouse, including a private maid and butler.

The Cove also includes celebrity chef Bobby Flay’s first Mesa Grill restaurant outside the United States and a 32,000 square-foot spa. It features sleek interiors with lighting and music that shift throughout the day to capture different moods.

The idea here was could you have a level of privacy and sophistication and still enjoy the amenities of Atlantis John Conway, the Cove’s general manager, told The Associated Press last week.

All of us enjoyed our stay at Atlantis that week and to this day I am still amazed at how one’s vision of a mythical legend could be so closely brought to life. Cheers to all those entrepreneurs out there who were not afraid to take a chance - for without risk, one could never reap the reward and turn dreams into reality :-)

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May. 15, 2007

That is incredible! Thank you for sharing!

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