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Hello again fellow 22Readers! We are happy to be back in the States after a much needed break. We spent the past week on a cruise around the Bahamas and had a great time.

Today we wanted to talk to you about one of the best investment tips ever given to us. A wise man, who wishes to remain anonymous, once said never listen to anyone’s investment “hot stock tip.” Many times on 22Dollars we present information and discuss, from a technical and fundamental standpoint, what it is that we see in a stock and why we think the timing might now be correct to profit with little risk. I stress that we are simply “presenting the data” as we see it for YOU to investigate more and make the decision.

Too many times beginners, new to the market, simply take a stock their buddy said was “hot to profit” or a stock mentioned on some blog and buy in blindly. I have personally been a victim of this in my early days of trading. Do you remember a stock called Global Crossing? "They had the largest fiber optic network and huge profits" exclaimed my buddy. Without any further research, I purchased the stock. Down 10%. Down 50%... still holding… Down 100% (Bankrupt). This was of course a long time ago but still a lesson that many people should pay more attention to.

This is especially the case with the increasing power of the Internet and blogs. Any Joe-schmo can start a blog and throw investing advice around with no credentials. This is also true with message boards such as those on Yahoo Finance. Some individuals will even go on the board, hype a penny stock, wait for a move and sell out. These individuals are called “pumpers” and it is against the law to do so.

Without getting further off topic, the main point is that everyone has come across that relative, best friend, classmate or co-worker who has recommended a stock. While this is not saying they don’t have a good stock, you should still do your own research. Determine if the stock is the one that moves parallel to your risk tolerance.

Remember that in the end, no one cares more about your money than you do.

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Apr. 17, 2007

The old "hot" tip never works. The way to make money is play for the long haul and do your own homework.

Joey L
Apr. 25, 2007


You are exactly right. If you want to make money, you have to be prepared to wait. Make your investments and then forget you ever made them (theoretically), chances are they things will work out.

It is important to remind yourself that its easy for somebody else to take a gamble on your money. Always do research before investing and make the most of it.


Will Ashworth
Apr. 25, 2007

The reason investing blogs exist is people are too lazy or disinterested to generate original ideas, preferring to take the easy way out by investing in the ideas of others. Usually, this approach backfires unless they do what 22Dollars recommends and conduct their own research on stocks they've read about.

There are no shortcuts in investing. If you do the research, more often than not, your bets will pay off.

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