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Welcome friends to the new 22. I just wanted to thank you for your patience while we have been very busy upgrading the entire site (as you can clearly see). As you will notice at the top, there are now tabs to provide easy navigation to the three new areas of the site. The new areas of the site include the credo, Club22 and the contact page.

CREDO: Our mission statement. Created because of the enormous feedback I received asking and I quote "What is 22Dollars and how do I join". I wanted it to be more than just a simple "about us" page - I wanted to capture why this site was created and why it is a great resource for our visitors to use daily now. It also serves as a reminder to our commitment to always be improving on the site and providing our readers with the best possible experience.

CLUB22: So you have something else to say but it doesn't exactly fit as a comment into any of our past articles. Not a problem. Welcome to Club22 - an online forum open to all our readers to post about anything they would like to share with other club members. The club is powered by PunBB with a couple of modifications to allow images to be posted as well. I deemed these modifications absolutely necessary because a picture is worth a 1000 words, but a picture of someone's technical analysis could be worth $1000 dollars. Enjoy the club.

CONTACT: The best way to contact the guys/girls who run 22Dollars directly. This page was entirely redone to implement several new security features and checks. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, comments or general recommendations that you have. Any information you submit will be kept confidential and not shared or distributed in any way. Your privacy is important to us and we take that seriously.

On a side note you may notice larger, clearer fonts and much faster load times. This is because the site is 1/4 the size it use to be and thus faster download times will be had. The servers we are on have also been upgraded for your convenience. Any and all feedback, both positive and negative is always welcome and encouraged. I hope you enjoy the new 22 as much as we do. Now go explore!

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Terry Ng
Nov. 2, 2006

New design looks great!

Nov. 2, 2006

I love the new look of this site! All I have to say is WOW! Great work!

Nov. 2, 2006

Thank you very much Terry and Cal. We have got a lot of positive feedback on the new design thus far and we are glad our readers are taking a liking to it. Take care :-)

Nov. 2, 2006

Great work on the new site, Chad! I think it will give us all a lot more opportunities to interact and talk about some of the hot topics!

Nov. 3, 2006

Thank you Kate. We are glad to have you aboard :-)

Nov. 5, 2006

The new site is looking great! The green at the bottom works very well for me. Forum is nicely integrated and I plan on using it.

I saw you added Trading Winner to the 22Links - thank you very much. :) I have also added a link to 22Dollars from TradingWinner.com. I hope our readers enjoy both of our sites.

Nov. 6, 2006

Hey Nick,
Thank you very much for the kind words. I read your site often and enjoy your articles. I'm sure I will be talking with you again in the future :-) Take care,

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