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Today I returned home from a much needed vacation. I was lucky enough to get away to a place called "The Homestead". Founded in 1766 (10-years before our country was even founded and slightly before my time), the Homestead sits deep in the mountains of Hot Springs, Virginia. It is a breath-taking 5 star estate that offers an amazing array of activities, food and history. The trip was just fabulous and I got a chance to play the 48th ranked golf course in the world called "The Cascades", which is owned by the Homestead. It was just under $250/person to step out onto the course and an extra $40 for the caddie but worth every penny. Anyways, it was a great time and I am glad to be back. Now that I am back, I wanted to write a post about other financial webstops that both Kiplinger's magazine and myself find very helpful.

Below I listed the 16 must read financial blog sites as noted by Kiplinger's magazine. I have had a chance to read through many of them and noticed that the list covers a broad range of investing topics. You should be able to find one that suits your style of investing without any problem. I found Cramerwatch.org to be particulary funny as I agree with the main idea of the site. Here they are in no particular order.

Now I would like a chance to share with you some of the blogs that I read on a regular basis that deal with finance and the stock market. Here they are again in no particular order:

I hope you enjoy of each of these and find them helpful in never ending quest for valuable market insight. I know I have personally enjoyed reading each one of these every day. One other resource that I would like to mention is the 9rules network. This network of weblogs is a collection of the best web content to be found. 22Dollars was lucky enough to be asked to join the network's business community and I would recommend checking this area out for other great resources around the web.

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Carrie Hutcheon
Jun. 30, 2009

Can you tell me anything about MacMillan Fine International? Are they a legitimate company?
Cheers Carrie

Penny Stock Research
Jun. 7, 2011

Homestead looks really wonderful! I am quite jealous of your vacation! Thanks for the tips. Very helpful

Monica :)

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