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Words can’t really descibe what I am about to show you.


Photo caption: Israeli girls write messages on a shell at a heavy artillery position near Kiryat Shmona, in northern Israel, next to the Lebanese border, Monday, July 17, 2006. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)

(Warning: Graphic Images ahead - Please do not continue reading this article if you have a faint heart)



Love always, Israeli Kids


Thank you, Israel kids, we received your gifts.

Original article can be found at Sabbah’s Blog

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Jul. 22, 2006

This can probably only be matched by pictures of of dead jews which might have been taken for the past several thousand years had cameras been around that long. But don't worry I'm sure you can find some fresh ones. I hear they even put out videos now where soldiers necks are analogous to those ripe tomatoes you always saw on knife infomercials. But I guess you wouldn't show those here, it would serve to add some kind of balance to the statements and that would be a bit unconventional I suppose.

Aug. 3, 2006

Nice spin, but i'll bet the Isreali girls got the idea from Hezbollah.

It goes BOTH ways.

Dec. 31, 2006

Can't u read?
Those children weren't writing anything about Lebanese kids, they wrote; to nazrala with love israel and daniele.
Nasrallah is the head of Hezbollah, the people who slaughter hundreds of Jews, and what has Nasrallah got to do with Lebanese kids? You can't just make up lies about what those girls wrote hoping some stupid people will believe them.
None of the missiles were sent to kill Lebanese children and it is incredibly sad children and innocent people were killed. However, if it were not for Hezbollah killing Jews in the first place there would be no need for a war.
This is a very biased article, yes you can find a picture of a Lebanese child who has been killed but what about all the hundreds of Jewish kids who have been murdered?
The reason why you show these pictures is that websites like this feel the need to shock people and you really don't care about the children killed, if you care so much then why show a child's corpse like that? Would you like it if pictures of your dead body were sent all over the internet? I think the people involved in this article should be ashamed, you are all pathetic individuals.

Kill the Bankers
Dec. 31, 2006

Everytime that someone exposes the NAZI-FACIST behavior of the "State" (???!!!???) of Israel, all bearded jew-kids will come and cry about holla-caust!
Come on, if getting massacred is an excuse to hate everyone that got a different religious belief, or arent able to read some hierogliphic minority writting from stupid kids that are there just because some WHITE or LATINO american fellow is dying on Iraq to keep their fat jewish bankers kids butts safe, then Germans should be not liable for anything that might happened on the cleansing camps, as Germans were raped and massacrated by Roman legions which were comanded by converted JEWS. You know, is time to get real, the problem of our world is just one: ISRAEL! Tabula rasa them, and you will have a world of peace.
But history is going to take care of destroy them once more... (if you want to see how many times they got destroyed and enslaved, just read the bible... jews were not known by their military prowess on the past, as their military "prowess" is based only on OURS American blood drew to keep them, and the rich bankers, safe)

Jan. 4, 2007

Kill the Bankers, you are an idiot and your twisted racist rants bare no resembalence to the real world. Also please learn proper english vocabulary and grammar before you critisise people who are not 'WHITE or LATINO american'. I can assure you jews do not 'hate everyone that got a different religious belief' though even if they did you would be being hypocritical in saying so. Nobody is asking you to 'read some hierogliphic minority writting' since the girls in the pictures wrote in english, presumeably your language since you are american, though nobody would know it from your obvious lack of knowledge about it. I would also love for you to find me a word in hebrew which stands for 'Lebanese, Palestinian, Arab, Muslim and Christians Kids' since I think you will discover such a word does not exist. Please think what I have said as reasons not to post such stupid posts in future, I really shouldn't have wasted my time replying to you.

Feb. 20, 2007

The Israeli army have been ruthlessly bombing civilian settlements, shooting children, and trying to make the already tormented Occupied Territories more uninhabitable. Some Palestinian radicals, on the other hand, are attacking Israeli civilian targets and spreading violence with their terrible suicide bombings aimed at innocent women and children.

As Muslims, our heartfelt wish is for the anger and hatred on both sides to die down, for the bloodshed to stop, and for peace to come to both lands. We oppose both the Israeli killing of innocent Palestinians and the radical Palestinians bombing of innocent Israelis.

In our view, the most important condition for this ongoing conflict to end and for real peace to be established is for both sides to acquire and then implement a genuine and honest understanding of their respective beliefs. The conflict between these two peoples has assumed the form of a "religious war" between Jews and Muslims, though, in fact there is absolutely no reason for there to be such a war. Both Jews and Muslims believe in God, love and respect many of the same prophets, and possess the same moral principles. They are not enemies; rather, they are allies in a world in which atheism and the hatred of religion are widespread.

Based on this fundamental principle, we call on the Israelis (and all Jews) to realize the following facts:

1) Muslims and Jews believe in one God, the Creator of the universe and all things therein. We are all God's servants, and to Him shall we all return. So why hate each other? The holy books we believe in are superficially different but in essence the same, for they come from the same God. Therefore we all abide by them. So why should we fight one another?

2) Instead of living along with Muslims, would the observant Jews prefer to live along with atheists or pagans? The Torah is full of passages describing the terrible cruelties inflicted upon the Jews by pagans. The terrible genocide and cruelty inflicted upon them by atheists and unbelievers (e.g., the Nazis, anti-Semitic racists, or such communist regimes as Stalin's Russia) are clear for all to see. These atheist or pagan forces hated the Jews, and thus oppressed them, because they believed in God. Are not Jews and Muslims on the same side against these atheist, communist, or racist forces that hate them both?

3) Muslims and Jews love and respect many of the same prophets. The Prophets Ibrahim (Abraham), Ishaq (Isaac), Yusuf (Joseph), Musa (Moses), or Dawud (David), peace be upon them all, are at least as important for Muslims as they are for Jews. The lands where these holy figures lived and served God are at least as holy for Muslims as they are for Jews. So why drown these lands in blood and tears?

4) The fundamental values of Jews are also sacred to us Muslims. The word "Israel" is the name of Prophet Ya'qub (Jacob), peace be upon him, who is praised in the Qur'an and remembered with great respect by Muslims. The Magen David (Star of David), a symbol associated with King David is a holy symbol for us too. According to Qur'an 22:40, Muslims must protect synagogues because they are places of worship. So why should members of the two religions not live together in peace?5) The Torah commands Jews to establish peace and security, not to occupy the lands of others and spill blood. The people of Israel are described as "a light unto the nations" in the Torah. As the "Rabbis for Human Rights" declare:

We are told: "Justice, justice, you shall pursue" (Deuteronomy 16:20). Why is the word justice said twice? Because, according to our tradition, one is to pursue a just cause by just means. In defending ourselves, we must always hold on to the prophetic vision of decency and humanity. The survival of the Jewish people will be determined not only by its physical acumen, but also, by its moral steadfastness

Feb. 20, 2007

How Can the Palestinian Issue Be Resolved?

By using the principles of tolerance and moderation outlined above, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has caused so much bloodshed over the last 50 years, can be solved. In our view, establishing peace depends upon two conditions:

1) Israel must immediately withdraw from all the territories it occupied during the 1967 war and end the resulting occupation. That is an obligation under international law, various U.N. Security Council resolutions, and mere justice itself. All of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip must be recognized as belonging to an independent State of Palestine.

2) East Jerusalem, the site of significant places of worship belonging to three divinely revealed religions, must be administered by the Palestine authority. However, it must have a special status and be turned into a city of peace that all Jews, Christians, and Muslims can visit comfortably, in peace and well-being, and where they can worship in their own sanctuaries.

When these conditions are fulfilled, both Israelis and Palestines will have recognized each other's right to live, shared the land of Palestine, and solved the contentious question of Jerusalem's status in a way that satisfies the adherents of these three religions.

tha hubsta, tha c.p.t-sta
Jul. 29, 2007

let's come together to bring love peace and unity to this world. let's stop fighting and killing eachother over stupid things. innocent people and young children are dying everyday.

Jul. 29, 2007

lets bring love to the children in need, give them hope and courage no matter their color, no matter where they are from or what they look like show them you care, respect their kind and their race they are the same people on the inside, but different on the out.... you can help by showing them you care.........love them........:)i care<3

Aug. 5, 2007

Israelis can't even write the word "peace"! God bless Seyed Hasan Nasrollah and forgive those israeli kids if they didn't know what they were doing.

lebanese girl
Dec. 11, 2007

fuck israel!!!!! i hate themm!!!! i love my country lebanon!!! we will win our freedom!!!!!

Jan. 19, 2008

this is so ridiculas innocent kids die for no reason and the evil ones stay happy in their life . like these israel kids send a lovely message to islam kids including hassan nazrala
and guess what its really about " die for your religon message" thats what i believe but israel are dumb they can only use wepons but not face to face because if it was actully like that israel would pooh on them self.

the evil enemy
Jun. 17, 2008

I see many love messages from you on this forum, thanks.
Like Israelis hate people. STOP THE ROCKETS and we will stop raids (which are necessary in order to filter violence) instaneously.
Giving territories is stupid because the violence began from Palestinian side in 1948, not 1967 (while it was Transjordan, who they didn't protest again).
Thanks again for the hate messages. It just shows how much you hate Israel and why it should go on mistrusting especially some parts of its population.

Lebanon is not an Arab country
Jul. 1, 2008

that is what Arab islamic done on us, the Lebanese, in Lebanon. Islamic Palestinian massacred us since 1975, and Syria Army bombed us and cause many genocide in Lebanon, such as in 1978. The pictures you see does not reflects the truth but manipulation on people's feeling, yet, the Islamic took my country, killed Christian, and now Lebanon is run by Arab and Islamic management. Good luck for that!

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