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Palestinians pay a property tax according to square footage of their house on the ground only. I guess this is an obvious loop-hole but I would still love to see to what extremes Americans would take advantage of this if they were even given the opportunity. I am sure we would see some new engineering marvels and half the country would sit 5-feet off the ground.

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ryan holbrook
Jul. 1, 2006

hahahaha, I would have done the same thing. If this was the case in the states, there would be tree houses everywhere.

Chad Lapa
Jul. 1, 2006

Hahah - I agree Ryan. I read here that "owning a tree house is the latest fad with those looking for a unique property that encourages a more organic approach to country living". I always thought of my tree house as just a place to play spin-the-bottle.

Do you know of any Palestinian-based tree-house building companies? If so, that is where my money is going!

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