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The fella that you are about to watch is a 30-year old gentleman who spent 21 minutes trying to simply cancel his AOL account. After quite the debate, he ends up getting the "customer service" rep he talked to on the phone here fired. This, I remind you, is only one of hundreds of such incidents. It is very funny though. Enjoy!

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Jul. 7, 2006

It is funny... and I can't believe the CS Rep's attitude... I guess any business will try to hold on to customers, but... one thing is holding on to customers, and another one is clinging to them like a psycho lunatic until they start bleeding. hehehe.

Good for him!

NO means NO. =)

Chad Lapa
Jul. 8, 2006

Exactly Mau. The gentleman being interviewed, ironically, even works in the telecommunications business and was the first to admit that holding on to the customer is one thing but this was just way over the line.

Jul. 18, 2006

I cancelled my AOL account recently, and to avoid just what this man experienced, I snail-mailed my request. No problems, no hassle; just the cost of a postage stamp, paper, and an envelope.

My brother worked for AOL in customer service/sales for two years. Even though he was talented in sales, he was eventually fired because he didn't pressure customers hard enough to stay on. He would give them an extra two months free, or whatever, but hated to push and bother them.

This fellow probably was pushed to the limit, and lost it. Blame corporate management, not the worker bees.

Chad Lapa
Jul. 18, 2006

This is a good point JoJo. I am surprised to hear how easy your experience was. Maybe snail mail is the way to go, if it helps to avoid any actual human interaction.

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