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Jack Welch is the former CEO of General Electric (GE). His book, titled "Winning" has been a very popular read amongst top corporate execs and other high level business people. I have only recently had a chance to browse through some of Jack’s book and wanted to share a piece that I was particularly fond of and couldn't agree more with. The piece deals with the characteristics of employees’ top employees and the vibe they give off. Jack says he always looked for individuals who could exude positive energy while pushing and probing with a curiosity that borders on skepticism. This type of attitude is what really helps propel a business forward in a positive way.

Getting into further details, Jack often would look for Integrity, Intelligence, and Maturity in individuals. One of the most important things to understand here is that Jack was NOT talking about age. Individuals can be mature at any age and immature at any age. Do not stereotype young or old people regarding their maturity because of their age. Look for the 4 Es in a person, which are:

(2) Ability to ENERGIZE others
(3) EDGE (courage)
(4) EXECUTE (accomplish goals)

and also one P, which is PASSION.

These are going to be your best employees. Real life examples of this include individuals like Katherine Binsack from Text100 Corp, Mike Rundle from 9Rules Network, Adam Chojnacki from McNeil Pharmaceuticals, and Joe Dolan of Nalod Associates. All of these individuals embody the above characteristics with a special emphasis on Passion. They love what they do and are driven to not only do more, but get others around them excited about what they do. Their creative minds give them the edge and courage needed to continue to excel in their fields while their past experiences and higher education give them the knowledge and realization needed to execute and accomplish their goals.

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