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Hi everyone. I am back from my much-needed vacation that included a private cruise in Paradise and a wedding in Philly, PA. Everyone had a great time and all would agree this was an "adventure" that I could write a book about. I won't get into details but lets just say we all had a great time. Well I am back now and wanted to let all my great readers know that I will be back up and posting again soon. On a side note I would like to congratulate Dan and Jodi and wish them all the best. It was great to finally reunite with many of my college friends who still remain my best friends. I have to go unpack now but will get back to everyone shortly! Thanks friends :-)

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Apr. 17, 2006

The pictures are beautiful! Looks like such a good time... I just can't believe what an adventure it was for you guys! Definately a memory you will never forget! ps...You & Katie are way too cute together! =)

Apr. 17, 2006

Haha - thank you :-) The trip was great and my favorite part had to be the fishing. It is very different from the fresh water salmon fishing that I use to in Lake Ontario. A total blast!

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