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I am fuming tonight. Take this message as you will but tonight I witnessed why America is full of hatred and racism. Tonight we were suppose to honor one of the most prominent figures in our nations history but thanks to a few, the focus of the funeral quickly turned into a political spectacle with the far left wing democrats leading the way. What I witnessed today and what everyone else in this country witness today was a mockery of a sitting US President at the funeral celebrating the life of Coretta Scott King. Please discontinue reading this article if you want to continue wearing foot-long blinders to the real state of our nation and preserve your innocent view of the democratic way.

If you’re an honest democrat or true American, you have to be ashamed of what happened tonight. I am so angry I wish I could yell this out instead of talking.

Coretta Scott King passed away Tuesday. She was 78 years old, outliving her husband, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., by 38 years and becoming a major force in her own right. Thousands showed up to pay their respect but focus was quickly turned away from this American hero.

It started with Rev. Joseph Lowery ripping into our sitting US President during the funeral! Weapons of mass destruction have no relevance during a funeral reverend!

The American embarrassment continued with Bill Clinton, who doesn’t even deserve to be called a president, pushing his wife for political gain, during a funeral!

You have the biggest joke and possibly the worse president in the history of our nation, Jimmy Carter, calling President Bush a racist over Hurricane Katrina relief issues during a funeral! Carter then went on to rip into President Bush’s surveillance program, which was conceived during Carter’s administration!

Our United States President sat there and had to take these sinful comments during a funeral. A funeral that lost all focus; honoring a national icon.

Former President Bill Clinton, and it kills me to say that cause it’s a joke, used the funeral time for political gain and push his so called wife into the white house in 2008! Bill Clinton, a man who has cheated on his wife an untold number of times. A man who lied under oath and was held in contempt by a court of law. A man who was busy getting off in the oval office instead of stopping the terrorism building up around the world. A man who did nothing to defend America when the world trade center was bombed in ’93 and when the USS Cole was attacked at dock. A man who once again found a way to embarrass America and everything it should stand for.

On the flip side, you have President Bush; a church going family man. A man who has freed millions from suffering and murder. A man who is defending this country after it was brutally attacked! A man who has appointed the most African-American and Hispanic leaders to the highest levels of government and what does he get for it, ruthless attacks from the left wing! Really think about this, think about what happened today! Is this really what has become of Americas left wing?

I’m embarrassed to be an American today. I’m so angry at what our country is becoming. Democrats used the funeral of a great American woman to rip into a sitting US President.

Let me try one more way to put this into perspective in case you have a 10inch think blinders on to reality. Say someone who you admire and love passes away. You get the honor to speak at that person’s funeral and talk about how they influenced your life and what a great person they were. You sit down and reflect on what others have to say about this person but to your chagrin, these people instead use this opportunity not to talk about the person who is being honored and remembered. They use this time to bring up sour political issues and attack your character. You sit there alone, listening to these people make fun of you, and what you stand for, and in President Bush’s case, mock what you, your nation, your religion and your sense of being, stand for.

Whether you believe in President Bush’s policies or not, what took place today was disgraceful and an embarrassment to every American citizen and everything that America should stand for.

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