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The time has come to get the job done. First, let’s take a ride on the history train. In the late 70’s, when President Carter was in office, the Soviet Union was building up. The approach then was primarily diplomatic in nature. What did that accomplish? Nothing. The cold war got darker and the Soviets got stronger. In 1980 President Regan took office with a new vision and totally radically approach. He grew the military, grew our nuclear arsenal, developed new missiles and advanced military technology. The Soviets tried to keep up but fell short of our superior military technology and this would eventually lead to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The Democratic Party pushes diplomatic practices and supports cutting military usage. I don’t feel that Diplomacy is a bad thing, but I would argue against it effectiveness now and over the course of history. Every conflict in the history of this planet has end with a winner and a loser and what is going on in the Middle East will be no different!

In the 1990’s President Clinton basically stuck his head under a rock, or under his desk for his own personal reasons, and totally ignored what was going on in the world. Sure he fired a few missiles into an aspirin factory located in the Middle East. This was simply to give the liberal media something to feast on till the Monica thing settled down. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

A new era is now upon us – the era of President George W Bush. Now let’s be honest right up front, politics aside. President Bush truly does believe he is doing the right thing. Polls show more than half the country agrees with his decisions and performance thus far. Many disagree that we are fighting the war the wrong way, but it’s easy to play Monday morning quarterback. Iraq is becoming a huge success and the world is safer and grateful for this. May God bless our troops and the families who lost loved ones. Just stop reading this right now and really think about our country; how good we got here, our grandfathers, fathers, brothers, and sisters who died for us. People around the world have to worry about getting killed on the way to Church. They have to worry about how to feed their kids every day. We worry about what car to buy and what shade of red lipstick will look the best tonight at our sit-down dinner. We got it great and we got it great because we are free. Don’t anyone dare spit at our military. Without them, America would never survive, or may have never been born in the first place.

Iran should be next. I am not some huge military guy, or some pro-war freak, but I am someone who worries about the future of this country and the future of my kids. You can’t kill a weed unless you get the roots. The Middle East is the birthplace of terrorism and suicide bombers. We must keep on spreading democracy. As the Middle East becomes a safer place, so does the world that we all share. Iran cannot have a nuclear weapon. Democracy in growing in the region and to have a country like Iran, headed by a vicious leader like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, with the capabilities of using a nuclear weapon is simply unacceptable. And to be frank, time for negotiations are over. Iran has broken the seals off their nuclear enrichment plant that the International Atomic Energy Agency placed on them. They have now resumed the reprocessing of nuclear fuel.

It’s still too early to tell how all this might play out. The media is stepping back and waiting before sticking its foot in its mouth. My opinion is really what everyone already knows in Washington. Iran isn’t going to just drop what they’re doing and forget about a nuclear weapon. They want to stall as much as possible because they know they can play games like Saddam did and buy himself 10 years before the United States did anything. In this case, Europe is a little more urgent to get this issue resolved. A simple mid-range missile can easily deploy a nuclear weapon basically anywhere in Europe. Iran will continue to play kissy foot with America because they know that only our military can do the job. I wouldn’t be surprised within the next 12 months to see United States actively exert its force in Iran. Once they are finished, I would march right over Syria and take care of them. Bottom line, let’s fix the Middle East once and for all…………

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